Monitor events, before they become eventful.

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AI monitoring for any camera.

Connect with an authorised integration partner.

After being shown the demonstration of our solution, the first step to enhancing your security suite with Watchful is to be connected with one of our authorised integration partners.

Connect your cameras to our software.

Next, your integration partner will work with your new or existing security infrastructure to connect it to our platform.

Peace of mind.

Once your security suite is connected to our software, you'll have peace of mind that your premise is under constant surveillance by our professionals.

Here's how it works:

Our software analyses every event your cameras detect

The integrator will connect each monitored camera to report every event to our software. Using hundreds of different Ai types and your site settings, the software process handles the inbound management of the event.

You set the monitoring parameters

Whether you want one or many monitoring groups, you're in control. You set the parameters you want us to monitor within including hours, zones, schedules and who to call.

We respond if something isn't right

Our software guides our team through your desired workflows, and if something is happening on site, we'll take action. Dispatching Police or a guard, contacting keyholders, activating flood lights & sirens are some of the steps we take to keep your site protected.

Burglary. Not on our watch:

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SME's to multi-nationals trust us to keep Watch.